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Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that the ICHP prepares students for the IAS exam to become a professor or instructor. Does the cost of ICHP include the exam?

The cost of ICHP does not include the exam. The exam has 2 parts, written and oral. Taking the exam means that you intend to organize meetings for dialogue on Unitary Perception, give workshops anywhere in the world (if you so decide) and lectures at congresses.

Can you take the IAS exam for Associate Professor or Instructor without taking the ICHP?

You can, but it is not recommended. Passing rates after the ICHP went from 5% to 98%

Can you take the ICHP and not take the IAS Associate Professor or Instructor exam?

Yes you can, although it is advisable to take the exam which, if you pass it, will allow you to provide therapy and/or teach Holokinetic Psychology.

Can I study the topics related to the DSM IV right from the book itself?

You can learn the DSM-IV by reading it, but understanding diagnostic criteria and knowing which the best treatment plan is, requires instruction provided already in the ICHP.

How many people are impacted by this idea?

More than an idea, Unitary Perception is a mental fact. It affects all humanity, even those who do not know about it.

What impact will it have on people?

Global Psycho-transformation with physical, social and psychological benefits that are explained in the written work (of over 40 books) by Rubén Feldman González.

Is it urgent to fill this need?

Without Unitary Perception, the brain functions in fragments, and all the capabilities of the individual human being are greatly reduced.

Misery and wars may be the consequence of not living in Unitary Perception. 

Can you understand this mental fact in a year or two?

The ICHP is 7 months. The Masters is two years. You must read the written work of Rubén Feldman González, something possible in about 4 months.

Is it simple and profitable?

It is simple. It means working with the whole brain. If you want to work on something profitable, you can do it better.

It is also possible to question the benefits of infinite profit and start another culture without precedent.

How long will the results of this idea last?

This neurological fact will last as long as mankind itself, working with the whole brain, lasts.